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Rise Sport Art & Design Band for Apple Watch 

What's in a Band? Well, we don't know about other watch bands, but our new Rise Band is fully customizable, which explains the vibrant & cool original art from our visual artists collaborations.

Each band is made-to-order, which means when you purchase yours, it will be unlike any other.

Made from hypoallergenic silicone and designed with liquid ceramic, which is able to absorb high resolution sublimation ink. The ink then permanently adheres to the liquid ceramic base on the Rise Band, producing a scratch resistant ceramic finish.

Our bands are all one size fits all and are compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.


Rise Sport Art & Design Band for Apple Watch

The collection features creative designs and  original art & photography from collaborations with visual artists. Our sports collection will feature creative designs  and patterns utilizing logos and artwork from professional sports teams.

The band is a great product for the holidays, especially with the recent release of the Series 2 Apple Watch.


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