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RiseAD (Art&Design) was created in Brooklyn with licensed sports collections with the NBA and MLS under its Rise Sport Brand.  As the sports licensing landscape began to change, Rise began to explore the art space during the time the founder's Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood was transforming into what is now considered the leader of the New York City Art Scene. Additionally, street art began to pop up all over the neighborhood, transforming Bushwick from an industrial wasteland to an open art gallery inside and out of its warehouse spaces. 

RiseAD launched its initial artist collaboration with Queens born and Brooklyn resident street artist SeeOne as the Bushwick art scene was growing at a phenomenal pace which was intensified by the whitewashing of the city's foremost street art destination, 5 Points in Queens.

RiseAD's mission is to UNITE people through art, collaborating with artists & designers to create Fashionable Art Eyewear.

These sunglasses represent the best of art converging with eyewear.  Some of the works live in galleries, in private collections, in museums and even on concrete walls.

The brand's sunglasses are essential fashion accessories for art lovers and fashion forward trendsetters that want to express their individual personality. RiseAD is one of the most creative wearable art statements that make you want to have a 7-day sunglasses rotation to add to your wardrobe.


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