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RiseAD has collaborated with Blue Forest Farms (BFF), a Midtown Manhattan upscale retail wellness center and hemp gallery. The collaboration will feature our art-infused sunglasses in the Art section of the BFF store. 

RiseAD Art Eyewear Section at Blue Forest Farms in NYC

BFF, a unique CBD company, has a goal to change the world through hemp. Through sustainable farming, BFF believes hemp possesses a unique, organic power to restore balance within our communities and fundamentally change the way humans interact with illness, the planet, and even each other.

BFF has become a true seed to shelf brand by creating its own genetics, its own lab and a new retail line, which is sold DTC in its first retail store located in Manhattan. Blue Forest Farms owns and oversees the entire process from growing on a certified organic farm to producing an organic and vegan line of CBD products. 

Blue Forest Farm has a team of farmers, botanists, and extraction specialists who have over 40 years of experience. The brand’s in-house lab is where everything is harvested, extracted and tested to ensure the highest quality is produced. 

BFF’s retail store not only sells CBD products from hemp grown on its own 200+ acre farm in Colorado; but the retailer also features clothing, accessories and artwork made from its hemp farm as well as from local artists and designers. 

Blue Forest Farms Store in NYC

BFF is reinventing tradition by creating its take on the modern medicine cabinet. The brand values innovation and never stops striving to improve or create. 

Through our innovative process, ​​we infuse art & design into our frames, thus distinguishing ourself from other sunglasses brands.

Both RiseAD and Blue Forest Farms are cutting edge brands with a sustainable focus. Both are redefining their respective industries with innovative practices and methods. 

Through our collaborations, RiseAD has the opportunity to work with people and brands that share the same innovative and creative qualities as we do.

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