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Conceived in Bushwick, Brooklyn during an art explosion period, and influenced by art from around the world, RiseAD offers new eyewear options and boundless design possibilities as you embark on a quest to find art, style and eye protection all-in-one.

A pair of sunglasses can change your whole look. They should make a statement. Be bold. Be daring.

While the eyewear industry has maintained a steady flow of black, brown and tortoise frames, RiseAD fills the color and style void while throwing all convention to the wind to give customers something fresh to challenge their eyewear sensibilities. 

RiseAD Underground Monk Sunglasses

Most of the time we’re either in the sun or in the snow & ice with damaging glares from the sun. So shouldn't you own a pair of sunglasses that creates conversations, looks good, won't look like everyone else?

RiseAD sunglasses offer unlimited color options through original art, photography, textiles, and designs. Our collections and artist collaborations are inspired by art that lives on concrete walls, in galleries and private collections.

“Our brand’s goal is to offer customers limitless design options. We invite them to step out of their monochromatic comfort zone of wearing the same frame colors, and inspire them to be bold and express their self-confidence through our colorful eyewear,” says Theresa Majeed, CEO and Co-Founder.

RiseAD Grand Central Sunglasses Design

Some of our favorite moments at RiseAD are when we have the opportunity to work with artists. Our collaborators extend across multiple mediums and include artists and designers whose work stretches boundaries - including a sculptor whose work challenges our ideas and enlightens our thinking around social history. A top portrait artist whose work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian. A quirky illustrator, milliner and Asian streetwear designer who uses her designs and textiles to tell stories of Asian culture through ethnographic accounts. A fashion designer and artist who made history by being the first female to design for one of the top urban streetwear brands of its era.

When we launch new designs and new collaborations, it is a culmination of months of planning and development.

Through RiseAD’s sunglasses, you are sure to turn heads with any design you choose...And look cool while wearing them!




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