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Have you had a hard time finding the right pair of sunglasses that fit your face and are also flattering? Do you want a pair of frames that are unique, but don’t fall too far outside of your comfort zone with crazy shapes that are so novel that you can only wear them at specific times. Do you want frames that tell a story and fit your unique, personal style? 

Our sunglasses represent art, fashion and sun protection all-in-one so you can stand out as the original creation you were meant to be!

Our customers love this frame, which is our take on an aviator, with metal accents and limitless design possibilities.

There are many reasons you need the RiseAD custom Aviator in your life, but let’s start with the Top 4:

#1 Versatile Appeal: Sunglasses are not one-size-fits-all, and all shades do not flatter all faces. The RAD Aviator is the perfect shape that fits most face shapes with its classic look and feel. It's our take on a classic frame that's more fashion forward. It also happens to be our most popular style.

#2 Comfortability: Comfort is so important when choosing the right sunglasses. The RAD Aviator is light weight, hugs your nose just right and, most of all, it feels great.

#3 Uniquely Designed: Aviators are typically made entirely of metal that usually comes in only 3 colors (silver, black & gold). We bathe the RAD Aviator in an array of rich designs and original art from our collaborators.

#4 Swag for Days: The most important reason is that you look cool wearing them! And you are sure to turn heads with any design you choose.

Ready to break out from the monotony of boring black and brown sunglasses?

Find the right pair for you!



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