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A recent VisionWatch survey by the Vision Council revealed American adults experience symptoms – like irritation in the eye (15.5%), trouble seeing (13.5%), wrinkles around the eye (8.3%), red or swollen eyes (5.9 percent), sunburn on the eyelids (3.7%), sunburn of the eye (2.5%) and cancer on or around the eye (0.6%) – from prolonged UV exposure. Additionally, the most common time American adults report spending time outdoors is 2-4 p.m. (39.8%), and the number one thing that concerns them most about UV eye exposure is vision loss (28.2%). However, 27% report they don’t typically wear sunglasses when they are outside.

Top 5 reasons American adults wear sunglasses:

    1. Driving a vehicle (68.6%)
    2. Casually relaxing or spending time outdoors (55.2%)
    3. Near a body of water (49.1%)
    4. Watching a sporting event (33.7%)
    5. Playing a sport or exercising outdoors (29.5%)
    Top 5 reasons American adults purchase a new pair of sunglasses:
      1. Comfort of fit (23.2%)
      2. Discounted/reduced price (22%)
      3. UV or UV-protective coating (21.5%)
      4. Fashion trends (16%)
      5. Trouble seeing outdoors (13.2%)

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